Last night my older girls and me watched “Moms Night Out”. What a great movie! Lots of laughter! My girls would comment on which mom they thought I was. They got a real kick out of comparing me and saying “that is you”. I found it very funny myself.
So at the end of the movie the overall opinion was that I am Sondra, the oldest mom played by Patricia Heaton. However the scene where Allyson, played by Sarah Drew, yelled at the paper towel dispenser and the scene where she went off on the restaurant hostess (Angela Johnson) reminded them so much of me. In fact it felt a little like deja-vu! I will admit I found myself in both ladies. But what impacted me most was the blog.
To understand what I am talking about you will have to just watch the movie! Allyson’s struggle was not the blog but the blog brought out her issues more. My problem is not that I have not written in over a year. I never hear God saying “you have not blogged today!”. My problem is the “why” , or maybe the root to “why” is me wanting to have the answer to the “why” so I can seem like I have it all together. If that makes since, at least it does in my mind.

God is everywhere, ever present, and always using things to talk to me, spend time with me, use me,and show me how He loves me. Writing is just one of the many tools He uses. I just complicate things to much with my “reasoning”  and “why”!