Waiting for something to change can be so difficult. I am waiting for so many things at the moment. All outward appearances look like I am waiting on the Lord and trusting in Him and Him alone. And I feel like I was, until……… well until I took it into my hands. I didn’t realize it till the dust had settled but I did take t into my own hands. I used manipulation to try and get others to move. Now when did I think manipulation was going to produce good fruit. Not only did it not produce good fruit, it caused hurt and probably prolonged this issue I want resolved.

What was I thinking….well I was thinking I was tired of this, and it was time for people to change and if they were not going to open their eyes and go to the Lord for help then I would make them see and feel how their behavior was effecting ME. Hmmm….ME? Wow it really became about me and how I was bothered, not about them. Me is always getting in the way. Now even I know me doesn’t belong in this picture. to say me does not even sound right Not only is me going against the rules of language and grammar, me is going against what God is patiently accomplishing.

Looking back I can see things were rising up, and about to explode! I was physically tired and spiritually drained.

I started this blog on January 6, 2015.  Never came back and finished it.  Looking at where things are at right now I know why! But I will just publish it just like it is. If I keep waiting to have all the answers I will NEVER publish anything. I have to remember I am doing this for me, not so I can seem like I have answers.